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Manage rich and complex team interactions. Filter your notifications. Make topics on the fly. Choose what you read. Adopt PiPle.

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Messaging enhancing productivity

PiPle helps you manage your team’s communication smartly. Easily navigate through topics and ideas and identify the messages you care about at a glance. Have your interests and concerns define your conversation.
In short, enjoy a truly efficient messaging platform.

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What is Next

The Beta of PiPle arrives soon.

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The PiPle team has set out to provide you a first glimpse of how we see the future of messaging.

Where it all started

An award-winning University Project which has become an innovative startup in 2018.

More About Us.
"This project is exceptional"

M. Lehucher

CEO, Berger Levrault
"PiPle shows a real potential"

M. Bouchez

Director of ECE incubator

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